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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

999 harmony or the energy on September, Nine

Some Oxygen to the Brain

Huging a tree is one of the best ways to feel the harmony around. While you plan to take a trip somewhere make sure you keep that same vibration as if you are about to hug a living being.

Taking into account that when you travel you walk more and make more exercises than if you were stuck on a traffic going to work (as I guess you would actually want to know more bits and pits about the places and the surroundings you chose to spend your next vacation) here are some tips for your trip:

Before you leave, make sure you have adjusted your heating and cooling systems. Unplug all of your appliances and chargers. Pay special attention to the refrigerator which consumes lots of electricity: if you intend to stay longer than a week see if you can take out all the food inside and then unplug. Everytime I leave to a longer period of time I check out if I can take all the food left on the freezer with me. You have no idea how many times that served to me as a snack, a lunch break or even to make a pic-nic later on the day.

Traveling makes you aware of other cultures and nature, making you appreciate more about the planet. So choose your own foot, or a bycycle to give more time to embrace all the beauty and the scenes around you.

Fill containers that you can reuse, give preference to plastic (that you can recycle later) over isolated products that may leave a footprint.

You don't need to take a bottle of water wherever you go. But as long as you can purchase a drink without leaving the content behind that is way better than drinking from a plastic recipient you cannot get rid of. If you're too much into the wild, a bottled water that you can reuse sounds like a good idea. Then recycle it as much as you can.

Travel light. Wear only comfortable clothes and shoes and as often as possible bring accessories you can leave behind (that meaning old and weary comfortable clothes, belts, etc that you can donate later on or, depending on the location, even leaving them to locals). Everytime I travel I always leave behind some clothes, leaving my bag with more space to bring gifts to the family (which can sometimes make my bag heavier than when I first started the trip). So bring with you any accessory you can get rid off along the way (especially if you can donate). Just don't leave the granola wrappers in the wild.

Reuse towels and sheets whenever possible. If you are in a hotel, don't wait for the maid to make the bed, and don't leave that towel on the floor, but back to the original place (or they will be replaced).

Support your local wildlife and ecosystem by going on vacation on your own city, or on a city nearby and learning about their yearlong activities.

Last by not least, bring a book with you, preferably if you can donate it to the local library when you have finished it (the book and the vacation). It's the best solution if you are trapped into inconvenient situations, such as to avoid talking to an annoying traveller next to you in the bus, or train, or when you just wish to be left alone at the beach, or the park bench.

Make sure you can "have your cake and eat it too" by being counscious about the spending and the impact you caused to the region you visit. Enjoying a great location and knowing that you have done all you can to minimise your environmental footprints is in essence the best vacation ever.

I am pro finding, so I believe that can make me too pro-found!

Just release, at ease, please: don't re-press for there is no re-prise n-more!

Hope you enjoyed my frankly treacle treat alter'd native language games created by me to get a smile
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