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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Voyage to Jupiter

A Serene Shelter Away from the Hustle and Bustle

A Voyage to Jupiter

"The light over the front is haloed with a hazy, dazzling nimbus of mist. Two strangers intersect flutterin' up against the pyramidal screen, (fr)agile, wing-thin. Those eyes of a theanthropic matter observe all, awe-so(me) blinded, dazed, numbed by the brilliance of an overpowering existence."

This is an enticing invitation with an alluring connotation surrounded by a mysterious and mystical mist of a fancy atmosphere and also the title of my futuristic/surrealist artistic book (blame not me for my lack of self-modesty but truly honesty) a lucid dreamy romantic expedition. It starts as a test and it ends up as an entire journey accomplished with much success, even though it was aborted, for the real mission was not to complete the journey but to absorb the quintessence impregnated in the whole process.

Dreams In Sight Deem In F(l)ight

If you make a point in the core of the cube, you create nine vertices from two pyramids that kiss each other: one looks up and sustains the other pointing south. When they reach that place of perfect balance, stat, they seem in countervailing resistance. And although they both have their own basis, are joined by a common center. And that's the point I share with the readers who watch "The Nine Journeys in America" as if remembering a dream flight. A metaphor based upon human relationships and the search for the equilibrium inside the soul. It is about the shift of reality, when the life of the protagonist took a new dimension from being 3D and jumped to the Ninth Dimension, as if a cube inserted inside a cube inside another cube. If you add the numbers of vortex you arrive to 25 points which algorisms added turns to seven which is a sacred number. What make my books unique are in reality the experiences of life that only a soul who emerged from the underworld (from the depths of death and so relieved relived) could have had and that I try to translate into poetic lines.

The plot then is based upon the reality of a life filled with exciting adventures. Nonetheless it has a touch of fiction and fantasy around the whole scenario much for the purpose of leaving an open door for the reader's mind to wonder if this has all really happened...and then it all look so fantastic? But isn't life a dream more real than the dream we have awaken?? This book is permeated with snazzy words like cube points pivoting from pervicacious obliterations to weed out revolts evoked with lapidary sentences.

A Little Story To En-Light-En'In Your Eyes:

"I AM blind. And I dream in Technicolor!"

Someone once emailed me a story supposedly to be true that happened on the streets of Paris. There was this blind man holding an empty hat. And as his tack, beneath the hat there was a plaque saying: "I am blind!" A man who actually worked at an advertising agency passed by, and seeing this scene took the plaque and wrote on the back of it:

"Please help me to be able to see the beauty from the sky of Paris!"

Some time later the man came back to verify if his marketing plan was having any success at all, to cheerfully realize that the blind's man hat had then plenty of coins.

In the end of the message it says: "Sometimes all you need is to change the strategy to get the results. Find a new tactic to resolve old problems."

I did happen to have literally crossed many a blind man or two at the pretty dangerous streets of Sao Paulo where, as much as in Paris, the drivers seem to care less if you are blind or not.

One of the blind men I caught up with seemed to eddy around him as if he were being swept away by a strong wind, swirling around himself like a hurricane. I grabbed his elbow and accompanied him. And as we walked together like two old friends he told me about his entire life. He said that he was born blind. He had a wife who was also blind and they had three terrific kids. Of course I had to ask if their children were also blind, and he replied to me with an emphatic phlegmatic pride that not one of them were.

His wife worked in a Braille Institute helping other blinds to learn how to read. And he himself was in his way to catch a bus, as he told me energetically that he worked as a librarian.

And just before I left him at the bus stop he said: "I AM blind, but when I go to sleep I can see on my dreams. And I dream in color!"

Now I ask: "Which one of the blind men is closer to be able to see the Heaven's sky?



"We were worried that it could crash in the middle of this nothingness. So we decided that it would be better to stay in Ganymede first, at the largest moon of Jupiter, which appeared to be more inoffensive, with its brightness so light and yet so soft, it was appealing to us, so that we could explore its property.

Its dazzling light, but not as bright as the moon we know, could illuminate the atmosphere of Jupiter. It didn't have the glowing as the full moon into our planet. Yet it was not as clear as it could be into the darkness of space. But it was beautiful! I never thought it would be possible to exist such an amazing moon.

I have seen our pretty moon, in its fullest, in the desert of Arizona, and also in the center of Brazil, at the heart of the forests, when the sky is still clear, and the moon seems to be closer to the Earth. But, I don't know if the reason was that there were no other lights, only this immense pearled champ, and the silence of the black space, that the moon, not as brighter as ours, still could empower such magnificence into this huge planet. It was so close that I could feel its light as if I could touch it; I could even see the details of its surface.

It was composed of small craters, its soil was barren and gray, as the horizon was black as the darkest night in the solstice with no stars, though there was a scarcely clarity coming from it. Its light didn't hurt our eyes, so we could speculate about it as much as we wished for.

We meditated. The huge silence of the Universe leaded us to do so. It was an ecstatic moment, and in a static moon! Then, I realized that the soil of Jupiter had also as much crater as the surface of its moon; maybe composed by the same substances? A crystal pearled surface, but full of craters, more than in Ganymede. No gas. No foggy sensation and definitely no smoke.only the black sky and the white moon composing the picture.

And this was our honeymoon.No food, no water, only the moon! And was time to come back. How did we get there? Well, that is a long, long story."

(Excerpts from the Book "Sweet Secrets-A Voyage to Jupiter" by Ana Claudia Antunes)

The Nine Journeys and the Tao

There are some quotes from the Tao that are quite confucius-ing. I'd mention t(w)o:

"Tao is an eternal mystery, and everything starts with Tao. Everybody has Tao in them. They just have to use it."

"The moment you try to use Tao you have already lost it."

I do have some contradictory and contra-dictionary quotes too and I'd like to expose seven connotations and quotations from the "DOW" if you may allow me:

"When you try to use it, you are tempted to abuse it. It's a question between 'sins&senseability'!"

"You cannot loose what you already possess inside of you."

"Stick on what you got and you can even get a t®ick or t®ue."

"If you are not "out-law'd" then you might be for bid'in."

"If you think you can it, you already lost it!"

"Those who are afraid of loosing never had it from the first place."

"Once you use it, you can bruise it if you misuse it. But if you loose it, don't snooze: it suits you!"

"My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets" and she also just helped you remember the names of the planets of the solar system. But the most important one (at least hopefully for ALL of US) will always be our mother Earth. She is a cockeyed (not to confound with cocky) place, for it is in constant flow of motions with a superb, lapidary precision, in an everlasting rotation, oblivious to all and dancing in obliquous, unrestful and insatiable angles. But you should also know that you are responsible for her moving as well. For you carry the whole world in your hand. Take Care fot IT!


A Pho(e)tic Star(t)

"I feel a vertigo all at once.

It is my dreams that blow.

Filling my heart I announce

All the love my life can show.

Dreams that make me a child.

Wild dreams bringing me memory.

Desires that make me smile

All remembering my whole story.

A tender look for all those years

Memories of flights over the hills.

The child on me that still remains

Remembers how it made me feel.

Loosing the ground I fall from the stars

And go straight to a brand new start."

A Phun-ethic In-Star (To JC)

"The tumultuous heavens above

Affect not the color of our love,

For though the clouds are heavy in the skies,

The clouds tend to disappear in your eyes.

They have a clear and brilliant hue.

Those deep eyes that are so blue...

See the heavens so peaceful above,

Clearly your eyes problems may solve.

If you show the color of your essence

I still believe we can grow in senescence

As odd as it sounds, together, you and I.

For that 's what I see in your eye.

I feel it in my heart so strong

And I know I can't be wrong.

That our love will grow on and on.

And forever will never be so long."

Ana Antunes

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