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Monday, July 3, 2017

How I became a ghostwriter (Literally speaking!)

Next August 5th, it will mark 55 years since that fatidic day when a shooting star was shot and short lived, or rather, her life was shortened. In fact her light came down so unexpectedly, and yet she was so bright that not even shutting her for good down here was enough to shut her down completely. That candle was blown away from lighting the Earth, or so they thought. Like a lightning bolt she came and she disappeared from the face of the Earth. But how come that light would vanish forever like that? Well, in fact, she didn't. She was such a delight that she remains shinning on. And you know by now the light from whom I am talking... Exactly, that bombshell called Marilyn Monroe. So, once I channeled that powerful energy, nothing could stop her from telling me the truth behind so many lives which revolved around her. So here's an interview I had with her just after I had published the book The Mysterious Murder of Marilyn Monroe and available for free on kindle unlimited. :

First of all, I have to tell you that's with immense pleasure that I get to do this interview with you. But first things first, let's get to the basics.

MM: Oh, I'm so faltered (giggles). Just kidding, I'm really flattered. I'm sure it will be a delight!

My first question: What's your name?

Hmmm.... (coughing) Marilyn Monroe

Me: No, I mean your real name... the one that they gave you, that is on your birth certificate.

MM: Norma Jean

Me: Don't you have a family name?

MM: Well, that I can choose from, sure, I've got plenty, since I was adopted by so many families, before I got married and then became a movie star.

Me: I mean, from your birth certificate.

MM: Mortenson but then I took my mother's family name, Monroe. You know, my mother was mentally unstable and she struggled to live as a single mother after her divorce. Actually, I wasn't sure who my father was either, but I am pretty sure Clark Gable would be perfect for that role!

Me: Precisely. Doesn't that help you have an identity crisis in the middle of the way?

MM: Sure, Ma' am, but I am a Gemini, I would get an evil twin in a way or another. (giggles) But even my evil side made me go visit mom at the hospital as much as I could.

Me: And with all that, being adopted and all the struggles you had to face during a period of time when you most need support. I mean, you shouldn't be having to deal with problems like this at such a tender age. So how was your childhood like?

MM: Go figure. It was not that tough. But that is a tender question for me and I really don't want to talk about it. Let's just say it was tender.

Me: Sure. My bad.

MM: No, it's just that you are touching some sensitive parts that I don't want to go back to. If I don't have to, why bother now?

Me: You are totally right, Miss Monroe and I apologize for that.

MM: No worries, It is your job after all. Are you a Library lover and a liberal writer with Ascending sign in Libra who loves justice and wants to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Me: Yes, I do.

MM: So do I. But some truths are better left alone.

Me. Perfectly fine with that statement. Let´s move on. Did you have any friends, and I mean, real friends to count on in your life as a mega star?

MM: You know, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Me: So I will just assume that you had some good friends who were worth just like the diamonds you mentioned.

MM: Hmmm, yeah, you can say that.

Me: I am not going to recur along your career because everyone knows about that already. But I have one more question that I am sure is something everyone being your fan or not would love to know. What happened that dreadful night and what (or who) killed you? I smell a rat... Actually, a rat pack!

MM: No, I don't know what you meant by rats, but, no, it was not the mafia. Or was it? If they were also involved, I really don't know. All that I remember it was being on the phone, talking to a friend of mine and then hearing some footsteps-And then all went black... But I am pretty sure you pulled some strings in your book. Congratulations!

Me: Oh thank you, that really means the world to me that you like my book.

MM: I love it. It shows so much more than I would ever imagine when I chose you to be my ghostwriter.

Me: I was not a ghostwriter, only sensitive enough to capture what you wanted to reveal. After all, YOU are the ghost here.

MM: That's right.

Me: Thank you so much for taking the time to talking through some pretty heavy stuff. I know you must be rather busy in the after life. BTW, how is that??

MM: A delight, my friend... a delight in the light! (giggles)

Me: Now, I'm the one shinning like a diamond. I'm touched. You called me friend!

To know more about that candle in the wind that never really stopped burning, rekindling that old flame in so many ways, you can read "The Mysterious Murder of Marilyn Monroe" for free on kindle unlimited. You can also get a copy in paperback at Ana's Virtual Bookstore.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The First Kiss


Do you remember your first kiss?
Was it magical fascinating bliss?
Was it something like sweet or sour?
How long it took? A second or an hour??
Tell me, tell me, if it was something like this...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Windmills in Fortaleza, Ceara

I woke up today at five thirty in the morning, when I looked to the Moon it had turned to gold. And then I suddenly realized it as a warning that the dream I once had can never be too old.

Some things happen for a reason,
others only go on with the season...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Have you ever wondered what suricatas (or Meerkats) are thinking?? Well, I did, at least, once!;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pierrot's Love Movie Trailer

The Pierrot's Love

Based upon the homonymous novel by Ana Claudia Antunes

Synopsis: What would be your reaction if some artists from the other side contacted you to write their story? Would you be considered a ghostwriter, literally speaking. The protagonist of a story not always appears as such. And so is the case of Anne, a normal teenager who finds her life changed by a situation where the only choice and fortune, and escape from being a prisonner of other people's thoughts (in this case, a ghost) it is revealed by written words. Afraid of others, and of being taken as a nut case, she defends herself from the mysterious forces and gets refuge on what she finds as a new latent talent: being a writer. When her attempts fail, it is her own mother who goes to the trouble of letting the word out so that the ghost could finally rest in peace and her lover (the deceased one) could then rest his case for good.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Film Noir and Literature Festival a week from Halloween

It's not a secret that fast-paced plots of suspense and mysterious characters, strange events and thrilling stories appeal to all. And the stories told by some of the best writers in the world have been driven many to chilling bones. Last week we had the First Film Noir and Literature Festival as "Santiago Negro" where there were exposition of comics, films and tabloids as well as some very well-known writers of suspense of our times, Chileans such as Roberto Ampuero, Eduardo Contreras, Ramón Díaz Eterovic and Sergio Gomez, and the Spanish writers Lorenzo Silva, Juan Madrid, Andreu Martín to name a few.

But why all this fascination to all things spooky, mysterious and/or mistical??

There are Halloween Parties in many places, the idea of having one day to be creative and out of the norm is spreading like a sugar candy in the mouth of many. We do celebrate that now in Brazil as much as they do in Chile. It's been like this since I went out of College and it's growing in number. Funny though if you think that Halloween has Celtic origins and it's a Pagan tradition, but few people know the Celts also inhabited in the Iberian peninsula thus South America should have many people who came from there. We do have November First as our official day to mourn those who passed away. But I guess it's a great idea to just let kids have fun, "Trick or Treat" and all than being bored and sick. After all we only get to celebrate Witch's Day once in a year...yeah!! Much better than celebrating Bitch's Day at all, for sure...

"Wuthering Heights" I guess was one of my first literary experiences with the paranormal and mystery. I was a little girl when I first watched the movie, then later on I studied Emily Bronte at high school (an obligatory reading for someone who was actually taken "Translation and Interpretation in English" as a course) and I was already in love with the plot. Also Charles Dickens "David Copperfield" is another story who impressed me deeply and that image of his mother as a portrait on the wall with eyes so vivid and who seemed to being there in the whole story haunted me as a ten year old girl already filled with imaginations.

Which Day is Witches Day? And how has this idea been originated?

Halloween comes from “All Hallows” (hallowed, holy, saint) and it’s considered a very magical time, when the dead walk among the living and the veils between past, present and future may be lifted in prophecy and divination. Now why am I talking about Halloween? Well, we just passed through Spring Equinox, which symbolizes the return of life to Earth, when all things turn from gray to a vivid greenish hallow here in the South Hemisphere, or Fall Equinox in the North, and it is a Thanksgiving time. Why not celebrate those important and magical days as well? Send a flower to a beloved one, send a card to that friend you don’t see a long time, or a good thought to that person you keep some grieving for maybe too long. Or make a picnic into the wood and among friends and family, and give them a generous warming hug, or just shake their hands passing healing energy through your arms and hands. This is charity, as simple as it appears to be! For celebrating life means little things we do to make our lives more free of disturbances. Those little things that we think are so vain, they are actually much more important than sitting around watching the news and feeling powerless before so many tragedies.

We all have a bit of witch in each cell of our bodies… We are all magical in our own way. Every time we remember of someone and all of a sudden this same one calls us and says, “I was thinking of you!” And when someone from our far away past sends us an unexpected email saying that he didn’t know why but he had this urge to contact you for a week and that same week you were thinking of that person, for no reason, and the day before you passed a house that just resembled his home where you used to play together in your infancy times. And it happened that this person had a message for you, or he came exactly when you need that sweet touch. Or when you pray for your children when they are sounded quietly asleep on the other room. And the day after, your child hurts himself and you kiss his arm and he suddenly feels no more pain and gives you a smile.

So we all are witches in the sense of realizing our dreams, of having that old wise woman flying in a broom (our intuition and our own imagination) inside of us, saying which way to turn, to pick a pic, “tickle a trick or two or treat a treacle too”, seize or cease and sizzle! Have Yourself an Unforgettable "Hallo In"... And Happy Halloween!

A Mystery Novel by Ana Bowlova

The night of glooming halo, out and in,
And gauzy witty witches were not seen.
Some are red, and others light green.
Some are so bright they actually gleam.

This is the night when swiftly souls fly
On whizzing broom (or room) on starry sky.
They stir up the clouds of their minds
And begin a new day with magical signs.

This is the night when old wives tell stories
Fascinating us with their charm and glories.
Wishes, spells, they offer spins around the fire,
As we can hear their whispers as a perfect choir.

This is the night when holographic angels flow
Through the gardens or winging on the snow.
They cleanse the houses and spread new rhymes
So that we are all ready for the Christmas time.
Ana Antunes

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

999 harmony or the energy on September, Nine

Some Oxygen to the Brain

Huging a tree is one of the best ways to feel the harmony around. While you plan to take a trip somewhere make sure you keep that same vibration as if you are about to hug a living being.

Taking into account that when you travel you walk more and make more exercises than if you were stuck on a traffic going to work (as I guess you would actually want to know more bits and pits about the places and the surroundings you chose to spend your next vacation) here are some tips for your trip:

Before you leave, make sure you have adjusted your heating and cooling systems. Unplug all of your appliances and chargers. Pay special attention to the refrigerator which consumes lots of electricity: if you intend to stay longer than a week see if you can take out all the food inside and then unplug. Everytime I leave to a longer period of time I check out if I can take all the food left on the freezer with me. You have no idea how many times that served to me as a snack, a lunch break or even to make a pic-nic later on the day.

Traveling makes you aware of other cultures and nature, making you appreciate more about the planet. So choose your own foot, or a bycycle to give more time to embrace all the beauty and the scenes around you.

Fill containers that you can reuse, give preference to plastic (that you can recycle later) over isolated products that may leave a footprint.

You don't need to take a bottle of water wherever you go. But as long as you can purchase a drink without leaving the content behind that is way better than drinking from a plastic recipient you cannot get rid of. If you're too much into the wild, a bottled water that you can reuse sounds like a good idea. Then recycle it as much as you can.

Travel light. Wear only comfortable clothes and shoes and as often as possible bring accessories you can leave behind (that meaning old and weary comfortable clothes, belts, etc that you can donate later on or, depending on the location, even leaving them to locals). Everytime I travel I always leave behind some clothes, leaving my bag with more space to bring gifts to the family (which can sometimes make my bag heavier than when I first started the trip). So bring with you any accessory you can get rid off along the way (especially if you can donate). Just don't leave the granola wrappers in the wild.

Reuse towels and sheets whenever possible. If you are in a hotel, don't wait for the maid to make the bed, and don't leave that towel on the floor, but back to the original place (or they will be replaced).

Support your local wildlife and ecosystem by going on vacation on your own city, or on a city nearby and learning about their yearlong activities.

Last by not least, bring a book with you, preferably if you can donate it to the local library when you have finished it (the book and the vacation). It's the best solution if you are trapped into inconvenient situations, such as to avoid talking to an annoying traveller next to you in the bus, or train, or when you just wish to be left alone at the beach, or the park bench.

Make sure you can "have your cake and eat it too" by being counscious about the spending and the impact you caused to the region you visit. Enjoying a great location and knowing that you have done all you can to minimise your environmental footprints is in essence the best vacation ever.

I am pro finding, so I believe that can make me too pro-found!

Just release, at ease, please: don't re-press for there is no re-prise n-more!

Hope you enjoyed my frankly treacle treat alter'd native language games created by me to get a smile
from you!