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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Six Tips For a Luminescent Skin

Tip number 1: Hydrate

A skin glistens through the pores and being well hydrated inside and out will be worth more than millions of moisturizing creams. Of course, one should hydrate with fresh, clean water and preferably from a mineral source, such as those found in spas, bath centers and, especially, in waterfalls. Clean and moisturize your skin with cool, clean water to keep pores well refreshed.

Tip number 2: Exfoliate

You see, I did not write skinning, it's not about attacking the skin at all. But with gentle movements through a sponge or dry brush to circulate blood, it eliminates fungi and bacteria that may seep through the pores and with a light massage it will help prevent and even eliminate cellulite and dead cells, maintaining the natural freshness of the epidermis. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage and allows you to maintain the vigor of the skin for longer and to appear light and fresh as if you were just taking a shower. It also aids in the fight against free radicals through the ventilation of the pores and increases the production of collagen in the stimulated region.

Tip number 3: Sea salt bath

I do not even need to describe the feeling that brings us to take a bath and take all that "bad vibe" of the body. But unlike the waterfall bath that brings that immediate pleasure and the natural freshness, a bath of immersion benefits the body through the relaxation of the senses and instead of the initial freshness, we feel ourselves to be liberated from all of the bad stuff which we have literally even tightened on, and we have not only the sensation but the conviction that we are releasing ourselves from a part of ourselves that we no longer want and which no longer serves us, which are the dead cells. Sea salt maintains this delight of the body to feel welcomed, protected and embraced in pure ecstasy. And what more than our skin would allow than that?

Tip number 4: Exercise

When we exercise, we release endorphins that by themselves already benefit us from the sensitive system of our body's greatest organ: our skin. Thus we generate more heat, we perspire and through the pores we release toxins and the glands release to the body the information that the body needs to relax, hence the delight after a series of fast exercises, the feeling of being graced by a general current of well being. The released endorphin is then sent to all muscles receiving this instant relaxation recharge. Sweat releases toxins, and also water, so it's the essential need to hydrate before, during and after training. A light walk of about ten to fifteen minutes makes the skin translucent through perspiration on the surface of the skin.

Tip number 5: Breathing

To be alive, just breathe. It's very fundamental then that you may breathe properly, filling all layers of the chest, so pay attention to the end of the video that I posted below where it shows how far to breathe keeping the respiratory system in good condition, which is vital to have a skin overflowing in energy and vitality.

Tip number 6: Tropical Fruits

Be in your consumption, chewing the fruit well, which already generates an immediate pleasure to the palate, either in inputs, that is, applying on the skin, papaya, avocado. and many other fruits of the tropic already bring all the essential benefits to have a healthier skin. Imagine then planting fruit trees, the more benefits you can get! So, let's get to work and plant a seed that can still bear many benefits, benefiting not only nature, but bringing light, peace and harmony to your whole being. Just be careful with citrus fruits that are great as exfoliating, but if your skin is exposed to the sun directly when you apply lemon, especially, it can burn your skin!!

Well, here are the six tips, in a video that delights the skin. I hope you enjoy it... in JOY!

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